Cannabis Industry + advanced digital advertising

Let us light the way with the best-in-breed digital advertising solutions –  paired with cannabis industry expertise, we deliver true organic growth to our clients.

Reach Your Audience

In order to reach your unique audience, we use constantly evolving data to precisely pin-point your specific audience. Take the guess work out of growing your business.

Advanced Advertising

Programmatic is problematic. With 7 Leaf Media, each account has a campaign manager dedicated to optimizing your ads to reach your desired audience. We reanalyze accounts every 48 hours; giving you peace of mind with a personal touch.

Elevate Your Brand

Our best-in-breed digital advertising solutions will deliver organic growth that is proven to elevate your cannabis brand.

High on our Successful Features

Media Plans

Our strategies are unique to each brand. Each media plan includes specific recommendations that are based on the brands needs, as well as objectives.

Audience Packages

Our audience packages have been built with your consumer in mind. In other words, we shape the audience package you need to reach by gender, behaviors, and lifestyle.

Advanced Advertising

With the most advanced advertising technology, we provide clients the visibility their brand deserves. Our clients have access to several tactics including display, native, and video. In return, their advertisements are featured on the most respected websites in the industry.

Premium Content

Our commitment to brand safety is a unique features in the industry as we understand the importance of delivering ads in a high-quality environment.

Cannabis consumers

Every audience is unique. Due to that, we have crafted together audience profiles to target your specific audience. Each audience profile includes premium sites and advanced targeting that is guaranteed to reach your unique audience.

Elevate your brand

Extend your reach to new audiences. With our premium publisher networks, your message will be delivered across various apps and sites that your audience loves.

Let's grow your brand together