A Growing industry, nationwide

With the legalization of cannabis in most of North America, advertising for cannabis is growing as fast as weeds. However, there are restrictions between states – we’re here to clear the air.

Features to start, sell, & grow


  • Advanced and Effective Targeting
  • Retargeting, to Increase Frequency
  • Safe Reach & Brand Awareness
  • Increase Visibility
  • Audience Targeting


  • Ad's appear as editorial content
  • Identified as Sponsorship
  • Brand Safe Environment
  • Human Reaching Human
  • Drives Longer User Engagement


  • Advertise on OTT or InStream
  • Gain Brand Awareness
  • Brand Safe Environment
  • Completed View Rates
  • Receive Play on Premium Content

Advertising Examples:

              Example of a display advertisement.

            Example of a Native Advertisement

Let's grow your brand together