Prohibition 2.0

The 2010s have seen incredible developments in the establishment of a legal cannabis industry in North America. A number of states in the early 2000s made cannabis available for medicinal use and lessened penalties for simple possession to misdemeanor charges. Colorado and Oregon were first to lead the charge in the grand experiment we are watching unfold, allowing pot for recreational use for adults through voted referendums in 2014. In the years since, more and more states have joined the movement. As public opinion shifts and the risks of cannabis have been found to be minimal compared to other controlled substances, people are deciding it to be their drug of choice. As the end of a decade approaches, 11 states have fully legalized cannabis and 33 have programs for its therapeutic use with a doctor’s recommendations. Canada and Mexico have both legalized federally, making North America the modern pioneer of the green rush.

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With the flood gates open and demand to be met, entrepreneurs and growers are testing the uncertain waters of this new industry. Usual aspects of business dealings like banking, marketing, and sales practices are being ironed out, the challenge being that laws are inconsistent across each state and that the federal government still does not recognize the legitimacy of the legal market. Navigating the ins and outs of regulation and compliance is of top concern in legitimizing the market.

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The 2020s are going to see the continued dismantling of cannabis prohibition. Cannabis users can rejoice as archaic laws are tossed away in favor of regulation and taxation. Stereotypes for cannabis users are getting blurred as cannabis is used by wider demographics, by professionals, and by responsible adults. People are finding it to be a safer alternative to alcohol as well as being therapeutic, spiritually liberating, and down-right enjoyable. The infantile market is booming and shows no signs of going anywhere. The market is expected to grow further as laws are changed, access is improved, and mainstream use becomes commonly accepted.  Opportunities are everywhere, waiting to be capitalized on.

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